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You’ve spent your life taking excellent care of your teeth, but they still don’t look as white, bright, even, and beautiful as you wish. Dr. Grace Lopez is an experienced cosmetic dentist, and the dedicated staff at Coral Bay Smiles has a myriad of cosmetic dentistry options that can turn your smile from OK to brilliant. From tooth whitening and Invisalign®, to veneers and dental implants, residents in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area can find everything they need to get the smile of their dreams. You can call or email Dr. Grace at Coral Bay Smiles, or use our convenient online form.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

Why is my smile important?

Smiling at someone doesn’t just make that person feel good; the act of smiling makes us feel good, too. Smiling releases endorphins and other hormones that alleviate stress and promote well-being.

When your teeth don’t look good, you may stop yourself from smiling fully. This not only interferes with your self-confidence and prevents you from getting the full benefits of your smile, it also sends out confusing social cues.

How can I improve my smile?

Dr. Grace Lopez of Coral Bay Smiles knows that fixing your smile is more than just an aesthetic issue. She and her caring team offer services such as:

Professional teeth cleaning. The hygienists at Coral Bay Smiles deeply clean your teeth, removing the tartar and unsightly plaque that accumulate despite daily brushing and flossing.

Professional teeth whitening. Dr. Grace uses the Zoom!® whitening system to lighten your teeth by up to 8 shades without causing tooth sensitivity. After your whitening session, your teeth are coated with a special gel to protect them from staining. You can also get a custom-designed whitening kit for touch-ups at home.

Teeth straightening. Whether you have crooked teeth, gapped teeth, an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or crowded teeth, Dr. Grace puts you back in alignment. Choose from either traditional bracket-and-wire braces, or the revolutionary, transparent Invisalign® alignment system.  

Gummy smile treatment. If you show too much gum when you smile, ask Dr. Grace about crown lengthening. Using laser surgery, she reshapes your gums to reveal more of your beautiful, sparkling teeth, banishing your gummy smile for good.

Teeth replacement. Missing teeth are a functional problem as well as a cosmetic one. At Coral Bay Smiles, you can choose from removable dentures, semi-permanent dental bridges or permanent, surgically placed dental implants.

Veneers. When you want a smile that dazzles like a star’s, Dr. Grace can fit you with beautifully shaped, permanent porcelain veneers. They look and feel like natural teeth, but cover gaps, stains, chips, breaks, and unevenness. At Coral Bay Smiles, we use the latest technology of dental materials and the best dental cosmetic laboratories to give you the long-lasting, natural, white, beautiful smile you deserve!

Are you ready to take your smile to the next level? Then call Dr. Grace and her dedicated staff at Coral Bay Smiles, or use the convenient email form. Laser surgery options are available for many procedures to prevent bleeding, minimize trauma, and speed recovery time.

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