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Severe tooth or gum pain, dark teeth, and inflamed or lumpy gums are all signs that you may have an infection lodged deeply in your dental pulp. Treating an infected tooth as soon as possible with a root canal prevents the infection from destroying teeth, spreading to other areas of the mouth and body, and possibly causing sepsis. If you suspect you may have an infected tooth, call Dr. Grace Lopez and her caring staff at Coral Bay Smiles to be evaluated for a root canal procedure today. She serves the residents of the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, area.

Root Canal Q & A

What are the symptoms of an infected tooth?

The most common symptom of an infected tooth is sharp, piercing pain. However, other changes also may indicate an infection, such as:

  • Change or darkening of tooth color  
  • Teeth that are sensitive to pressure, heat, or cold
  • Swollen, tender, or lumpy gums
  • Swollen neck
  • Foul smell in the mouth
  • Bitter taste in the mouth

Some infected teeth are symptom-free. That’s why twice yearly examinations by a dentist are essential to maintaining your dental and overall health.

How does a tooth become infected?

A tooth becomes infected when there is inflammation or infection present in the roots of a tooth. The nerve- and vessel-rich pulp inside a tooth can become infected when decay, cracks, or breakage compromises the protective enamel.

Poor dental habits can also lead to an accumulation of erosive bacteria that causes cavities, or small holes, in the enamel that make the pulp inside the tooth vulnerable to infection.

What is a root canal?

A root canal helps repair and save a tooth that has decayed badly or has become infected. Saving the teeth, if the dentist recommends so, is often the best option.

A root canal procedure refers to the nerves, lymph vessels, arteries, veins, and connective tissue that fill the pulp chamber. The pulp travels down the roots of the teeth via long, narrow tunnels: the canals of the root. When this becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment may be recommended.

A root canal procedure cleans the tooth pulp and canals to eliminate the infection and pain. After emptying the root canals of infected debris, cleaned and sterilized, the remaining tooth structure is sealed permanently.  

What are the advantages of the Wave-One™ Root Canal System?

At Coral Bay Smiles, Dr. Grace uses the Wave-One Root Canal System to remove infected material from the root canals while preserving the tooth’s integrity. Wave-One features precisely engineered tools that are single-use only.

The Wave-One process has a good number of advantages, including:

  • Eliminating the risk of cross-contamination
  • Applying less stress on the tooth
  • Being virtually pain-free
  • Preserving your tooth

To relieve the pain of an infected tooth with a Wave-One root canal procedure, call Dr. Grace and her team of caring professionals today, or use the easy online contact form.

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